The Barbour Jacket

Worn by everyone from the Queen of England to Chuck Bass, these classic British staples offer just the right amount of elitism and comfort,  the fun-and-function combo that any frat star is looking for. Since their birth in 1984 the popularity of these waxed confections has found its way across the pond to frat basements on the backs of both sorosititutes and fratdogs alike. And while these jackets are having a major moment, aside from fashion they are actually really fractical (fratty+practical, i.e. magnetic koozies, croakies, duck boots etc).  There are a few iterations to choose from:




So if you haven’t made your Christmas list and checked it twice yet, ask mom and dad for one of these for the holidays. Use the excuse that hunting, fishing, tailgating, and fratting wouldn’t be possible without it.  OR if you’re looking to go a cheaper route (we are in a recession after all) check out the Filson Cover Cloth Weekender Coat (Barbour’s fraternal twin brother coat) for a more affordable option. Beer-goggled sorority chicks won’t be able to tell the difference:

To save even more money, look to get any of these frat staples on Sierra Trading Post: Barbour and Filson

Revelry to ensue.

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