Frat Hard or Go Home

The fratty style guide, The Preppy Handbook, is considered to be a modern-day Guide to Style for the well-pedigreed fratstar. If a copy of the book wasn’t put in your stocking as an adolescent, (if you don’t own one, buy one used and act as though you’ve always had one) use this abridged guide to sartorial sophistication to make sure that you are prepped out to the max at every occasion. Written over 30 years ago, this handbook, while originally written as a parody, is a helpful and useful guide for the fratstar in everyone. Or if you can’t find a copy, pick up Lisa Birnbach’s latest updated tome True Prep: It’s a Whole New Old World which, thirty years later, modernizes the traditional preppy staples like L.L. Bean monogrammed canvas bags and Sperry topsiders. Her contemporary look at the age-old world of prep brings the frat world into the twenty-first century.

Remember, without these helpful tools, there’s always someone else whose argyle, seersucker, or poplin is making you look like a G.D.I.

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